Friday, December 11, 2009


Today we had the honor of voting on some international package design competition submissions.  There were so many clever and innovative designs it was hard to choose a favorite!  What stood out for me though was the combination of colors and shapes.

Our 2010 Collection will be available next week, and I think it is the same situation.  We have some great colors and shapes this year. There are so many beautiful designs, it is going to be tough to decide on a favorite!

But to at least try to select a couple - as of today my top two favorites are:

1. Bridget, because I love how it looks - sophisticated, sexy, yet sporty

2. Bali, because I love the red stripe & black graphic combo - perfect! 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Matter of Pride

I’m going to go out on a Jerry Magquire limb here and suggest that if we want to create jobs in America it would be easily accomplished by having US based apparel companies make the commitment to move just a tiny portion of their production back to the USA.

I know all the arguments for moving production overseas, but am wondering in the Obama era why there couldn’t be a tax break for companies to make the adjustment to bring some of their production back to the USA. I am by no means suggesting that apparel companies forego the profitable international sourcing partnerships they have developed, I’m just thinking that even a 1-2% adjustment back to domestic production would keep tens of thousands of people who are watching their industry dry up remain employed and not really impact the bottom line at all.

Think of the goodwill it would create for those companies with people throughout America. Think of the people who would be able to come off unemployment and other social services we pay for. Think of the pride in helping our economy grow jobs and the income it would create.

There are lots of brands and companies that DO produce in the USA and without knowing it, we by buying those products have helped keep the apparel industry in the US alive. My hope is a subtle switch can get this industry that I love away from the abyss of extinction and back to thriving.

Donna Karan has been talking about this all year, probably longer – and I believe she is right. It is a sad thing to have a brand with strong US history produce 100% of the goods it sells elsewhere. I understand wanting a low price – hey, I’ve been seen happily shopping at Loehmanns, TJMaxx and even thrift shops, but it doesn’t replace my desire to help out our country’s economy with a small simple step.

Would I pay $2.00 more for a t-shirt made in the USA? Of course. And I have.  And if you say you wouldn’t, I ask you, wouldn’t you want someone to do something so small as pay a little more for something that would keep you employed?

We produce all of our dresses in the USA and are looking to expand our production further to help do our part.   It is a small step, but one we are happy to make.  That's why they aren't as inexpensive as other dresses you'll find out there, but we believe it is worth it.