Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We launched our new website yesterday.  There is a lot about it that I am really happy with, easier functionality, more imagery, fun videos.  But what I'm most excited about is that we have found a place to share with you our belief in corporate giving.

We believe everyone needs to give back in a way they are comfortable with.  For years now we have been recycling, and have even started using clean, reclaimed cardboard boxes that would otherwise be thrown out, for shipping.

But only in the last couple of years have we truly embraced corporate giving.  Yes, since day one we have given to Make A Wish, Susan B. Komen and to the LA Times Family Fund, all admirable and good charities.  But then we found Fashion Delivers.

What I love about Fashion Delivers is that companies don't just give money, they give product.  Product that people in need can use and wear.  There is a real loss of diginity when someone doesn't have anything to wear due to natural disaster, fire, or fleeing an abusive relationship to save their lives.  And while much of what we make and sell isn't something someone can wear openly down the street, we have been told through our contacts at Fashion Delivers that our product is greeted with just as much enthusiasm anything else they receive. 

When I first heard this, I really wondered why.  What does a bathing suit or cover-up offer to that person who is in the process of rebuilding their lives?  After some serious consideration, I think I finally have the answer.  Normalcy and Promise.  It is the promise of a normal life full of challenges, trips to the grocery store and maybe, just maybe, a trip to the pool or beach in the summer.  It gives them a glimmer of hope and something pretty to have that is not 100% function, something any fashion lover can relate to.

And so, we continue to give to Fashion Delivers.  We continue to feel good about our charity of choice.  And we are thankful that the products we love, Poko Pano, Lil' Bettie and Arabella can add a sparkle to someone's eyes when they might need it most.

Enjoy our new website.  And please, take a moment to check out the fabulous work Fashion Delivers does for people just like us, all over the country.