Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer is finally here!!

Like so many other places across the US, Summer along the beaches in Los Angeles this year has been almost non-existent.

With 'Autumn' now looming, last week Summer FINALLY arrived! Everyone has been dashing to the beach before school starts, or carving some beach-time out of their busy 'get ready for school' weekend schedules.

In the midsts of embracing these first beautiful days of Summer, fashion magazines and stores are full of Fall merchandise! It is so hard to get excited about looking at boots and sweaters when it is 90 degress outside. Particularly now that we are finally able to wear all the cute Summer clothes that have been hanging in our closet waiting for our 'June Gloom' to go!

Now that Summer is truly here, with day after day of glorious sunshine, clear blue skies and warm ocean water, all we can do is be grateful it came at all!

And sometime in late November, when summer finally winds down, it will be time to stock up on Fall and Winter clothes that will be on sale, because fashion magazines and stores will be trying to make space for Spring.

Its' a topsy turvy world of fashion, and nowhere else I'd rather be, except the beach!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer with Fall In-Store

There recently was an article about changing the fashion cycle to better match the weather, you know, so that when its' hot you can actually find cute warm-weather clothes, and when its' cold and you're in the mood to get a mid-winter fashion pick-me-up, it is actually something you can wear without going on a tropical vaction.

Seems like such a simple thing, but is rather like trying to move mountains.

I think the out-of-cycle fashion cycle is one reason why the internet has taken shopping by storm. The internet has NO season. You can find whatever you want, whenever you want and have it delivered right to your door. Shopping online takes away the spirit of the 'hunt' that so many of us love when shopping, but does make the whole experience easier if you are trying to find a pretty dress for an August wedding, or a bikini for the Pool Party you were just invited to by your crush.

Anymore, customer service for web-based shopping is great. Not only can you get a live person on the phone, but they often know what they are talking about and are able to help you with how those tough to fit items (like jeans & swimwear) actually fit.

Changing the fashion cycle to match how we consumers actually shop might take eons for traditional stores, but online it is already the norm. Living in California means warm weather begins in July and ends in October - online makes living here fashionably that much easier!

In honor of online shopping and buying in-season, we are offering 20% off PLUS free shipping on our website: through the month of August! Use promo code: SUMMERSAVINGS!!