Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Hair Care - A few EASY Tips!

This week we are lucky to have one of our favorite Hair Pros, Brian Hawkins, share some of his favorite summer hair care tips!!

Brian works behind the scenes at Fashion Shows in New York, LA and Miami and on magazine ad and editorial shoots! He works upfront and in-salon in Columbus, OH.
We have been fortunate to have Brian be a part of the Poko Pano Hair/Make-up Team for our Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami Fashion Shows!

Here are Brian's Easy Tips for Gorgeous Summer Hair!

Summer is all about relaxation and simplicity so why shouldn't your hair reflect that?

1. For your Hair Stylist: If you have color/highlights, the general rule is to go lighter in the summer (darker in fall/winter).

Going lighter doesn't always have to mean lightening your hair with bleach. Instead have your Stylist use 20 or 30 volume developer with a color/shade in the blonde family (generally levels 8 through 10) and place you and your gorgeous locks under the dryer for about 15 minutes.

This gives your hair a break from the chemicals that are harsher used in bleaching with foil highlights (regardless of what brand is used), it also saves time and gives your hair a softer more natural look as it grows out.

Plus your hair will lighten more in the sun so always keep that in mind!!

2. Regarding cutting and style: In my chair I'm noticing that my clients want simplicity in their cut but movement and versatility- so whether it's a short cropped cut or long hair at/past the shoulders - movement is the key.

Having more bounce and playfulness to your hair is modern and chic right now and perfect for the more casual days of summer!

3. Products: Remember less is more. I've suggested to clients to use at most a smoothing cream which helps reduce frizz and give shine and volumizing mouse- that's it.

Apply product in the back of the hair after your hair is shampooed and about 60% dry. Remember, we all have more hair in the back. If you apply product from front to back- as the day progresses - hair gets heavy and oily on top.
Instead, start product application from the back, then the sides and just smooth out the top with the product and only use a dime size amount of cream and an egg size of mouse.

Regardless of your hair type these two products will not be heavy and will give enough for what your hair needs which is moisture and body.

Finish your blow dry, style and use a light hair spray if needed.

4. Being in the sun: If you plan to be at the beach or in a pool a lot this summer, protect your hair! There are a wide variety of brands with products (typically sprays or a cream) that are formulated specifically to protect your hair so that the sun's rays don't damage your hair.

Apply before you head out for the pool or beach. Ask your Stylist what brands they suggest, or if you are shopping on your own, look for anything that says UV protection.

This prevents your hair from drying out, fading color and most importantly becoming damaged!

You can learn more about Brian and see some of his work at:!!

In the Columbus Area?
You can find Brian at: Salon Lofts- Short North

909 N. High St. Columbus OH 43201 ph: 614-638-1599

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beach Ready Tip & Tricks - Summer Beauty

Beach Ready Prepping for the Big Day

You’ve been eating right and exercising a little more and you’re starting to see results. Good for you!

There are just a few key beauty tips we want to cover so you’re feeling confident as you sport your new bikini at the beach or pool this summer.

Beach Beauty Tips – less is more.

1. Bikini wax a summer must have. Being well-groomed makes wearing that bikini a much more comfortable experience. If you decide to do it yourself, there are some great do-it-yourself waxing kits out there. But for the price, having a pro do it right is p the best way to go.

2. Be sun-smart. Check your sunscreens from last summer and make sure they aren’t expired. If they are, head to your favorite beauty store to get more for this summer. Expired sunscreen doesn’t provide the protection your fresh from winter skin needs to keep from burning.

3. Be kind to your face. Spend some extra dollars on a sunscreen specifically designed for your face, neck and d├ęcolletage. The skin in this area is thinner, more delicate and more prone to showing the signs of sun damage (wrinkles!) earliest. Go with at least an SPF 30 (we all use SPF45 and up in our office). You’ll look younger longer – and who doesn’t want that? Invest in some fun hats, and you’ll be that oh-so-mysterious girl at the beach that every guy wants to meet.

4. The best tan is a faux tan. If you love the sun and having a tan like we do, why not start summer tan day one at the beach? There are some amazing sunless tanners out now that look natural, smell great and last. No one will know you didn’t jet off to the Caribbean for spring break except your closest friends (who will undoubtedly beg for your secret tanning source as soon as they see the new bronze you). Make sure to wear sunscreen though because sunless tanners don't provide you any sun protection.

5. Cellulite Sucks. There is no other way to say it. It is no woman’s friend. The best solution we’ve found – fatgirl slim from Bliss, it works wonders. Can’t swing a special cream? Apply sunless tanner. Somehow having those problem areas bronzed makes them look a little closer to beautiful.

6. Painted and Polished. Summer is the perfect excuse to get a professional pedicure. Treat your feet to a buff and polish and step into those cute summer sandals you've been dying to wear. Best way to save a pedicure from the rigors of sand, is to apply a good topcoat to your toes before you hit the beach. OPI makes a great one that's worth the price.

Next edition we’ll cover Beach Day Hair & Make-Up